A New Photographic Wonder!

by Adminn7 on July 14, 2013


Yes to be sure its an amazing camera to say the least plus its also one of the most talked about new items in the ‘Photographic World’ for the Brinno stirs both controversy and also wonder.

‘But then again does it?’…

In truth the Brinno Camera is a neat item and its clear that -a lot- of thought, planning and of course lots of conceptual design together with hard work have made the Brinno camera what it is and like all things it clearly has its plus and minuses an even ‘Major Photographers’ have some doubts about it yet in short for its main job and thats really what the Brinno it does superbly well.

‘For in short its main job is ‘Timed and Time Release photography!’…..

Granted that upon first look and at very first glance the ‘Brinno Camera’ tends to look somewhat plasticky rather like those cheap -tourist cameras- instead of like the real gem that it is and while it does take some really nice snap shots where the Brinno shines and truly comes into its own is in the specialized field of photography or to be specific in the area of Time Lapse photography.

To be sure that -time lapse- cameras and ‘time lapse photography’ is nothing new dating from about 1877 though some early and unsung camera men like Nadier may have worked with it a bit earlier but again many early timelapse pictures were simply the result of early experiments and slow lenses along with poor grade film, But it must be said and at once that theres nothing slow about the ‘Brinno Camera’ for unlike early and inferior models the Brinno is truly a marvel and indeed is a first class item for catching and holding fast those delicate and special moments that take time alone -to freeze- and at these shots the Brinno is indeed a state of the art if not the state of the art camera that all serious and professional photographers will have to employ.

wall_mountNow while it is also good for general photography it must be admitted at once the Brinno is a specialized item so it may not be the -perfect idea- or cup of tea so to speak for every one but then again in life nothing truly is though again it also must be admitted that the Brinno in its own right is a fantastic piece of equipment that earlier generations could only have dreamed of and would dearly have loved to own but again we must remember that the plastic case does require some care as obviously you wouldn’t want the kids to play toss with it but that could pretty well describe any camera and not just the Brinno but except for the way the telephoto lense mounts most photographic buffs say nothing against it and I’m sure the company will correct this with an upgrade of one type of another as time goes one and this camera like all other devices are further developed as is usually the case.

The flip side is this camera like all other must be used carefully and in an objective matter as naturally there are going to be factors like lighting and positioning to take in account and this is very much more important and even critical and the more so in time lapse photography than in most others for it should be kept in mind that the Brinno Camera in truth spans two worlds as it tends to blur the division between general (snap shot) photography and Cinema or Video and
cinematography and to be sure that many ‘still cameras’ today and yes even some cell phones can shoot video sequences yet it still takes a special lens and also -special circuitry- to get the serious photo or image that professionals and their editors demand and the Brinno Camera seems to bridge that gap very well.

However it must be admitted frankly that this camera can be used in the general sense but it is most likely -a specialist item- and if viewed in that sense it truly is a most exquisite gem in its own right and just a few spec listed below for the TLC 200 might bring the matter in a bit closer perspective;

A 720p HD time elapse video capture
A 120 degree up or down rotating lens
Simple 1.44 inch LCD screen plus image preview
Nice Add-on wide angle lens
300,000 frame battery life using 4 AA batteries
Adjustable time image intervals
Excellent Battery Life
Altogether a really neat camera.

Its well in closing to also review a few minor closing points especially if the camera is used for time lapse pictures out doors so for the new and aspiring photographer along with the old pro we should perhaps remember just a few points of interest:

Be very careful to clean and wipe the lens as moisture or condensation can built a layer of moisture or film on the lens to fog or obscure your pictures and its well also to remember that this camera just like most other electronic devices is sensitive to variables in the weather and of course it should avoid extremes in temperature as batteries whether expensive or discount brand tend to lose power quickly in cold weather and of course it goes without saying naturally that for prolonged or new photo sessions that its always good to start out with good batteries for really good pictures in the new digital cameras require a lot of forethought and fresh batteries plus it goes without saying that in parks or public areas some caution to secure your camera and equipment are advised as both small animals together with young children like to explore but with care along with just a bit of common sense all the fresh images the Brinno Camera can record will wind up as prized possessions to cherish.

So please buy and enjoy your new Brinno Camera and prepare to enjoy for the Brinno will be a real treat for for the newbie together with the veteran photographer and a good selection of time and place together with proper lighting means that a wonderful range of photos will soon be yours!

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